Self-funded Medical Program

CAM Administrative Services offers the Employers Advantage plan, an innovative approach to self-funded health benefits. The Construction Association of Michigan (CAM) is a sponsor of the Employers Advantage plan that encourages their members to consider this unique program. Benefits include Medical and Prescription Drug (Rx) coverages. Listed below are some of the features and highlights of this program:

Group Medical Coverage - Employers Advantage is a turnkey employer sponsored self-funded program.

  • Available to groups with 5 or more enrolled employees
  • Monthly level funding
  • Composite rates
  • Plan design flexibility
  • Medically underwritten
  • 12/21 aggregate only stop loss coverage
  • Cofinity PPO network
  • PHCS/MultiPlan travel/student/out of state network
  • OptumRX PBM of Illinois
  • Program administration performed in our Southfield, Michigan office.

Employers Advantage plan design overview

  • Traditional Deductible and Copay Plans
    These plans offer the flexibility of different deductible, coinsurance, office visit copay and prescription copay combinations. This means that groups can find the right plan at a price that suits their needs.

  • HSA Compatible Group Medical Plans
    An extensive range of qualified high deductible health plans are available. These HSA compatible plans can offer lower rates for employers and employees. HSA contributions, earnings and withdrawals offer tax advantages.

  • Preventive Care Services
    When obtained from an in network PPO provider all plans include preventive care without any cost sharing or dollar maximums. Covered services are provided in accordance with the ACA preventive care guidelines.

  • Prescription Drug Coverage
    Prescription drug coverage is included with all plans. Three different drug copay options are available for the non-HSA plans. There are no fixed dollar copays for HSA plans. All plans include the cost savings and convenience of mail order service.

  • Medtipster/free
    This program allows members to obtain over 7,000 different generic drugs for free at more than 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. This feature is included in all Employers Advantage plans.

  • Other highlights:
    • Stop loss carrier rated A+ (superior) by A.M. Best Company, Inc.
    • No set up fee
    • Comprehensive plan document
    • Extensive primary local and national preferred provider organizations
    • All plans include a national PPO network that individuals can access while traveling or for students away from home
    • Nationwide pharmacy network
    • Plan documents, ID cards, and SBC's are produced and distributed from our Southfield, Michigan office.

Additional Self-Funded Services

CAMADS can provide benefit administration services for both self-funded group dental and short term disability programs. When requesting a self-funded quote please submit documentation relative to claims and benefits. Stop loss protection is generally not needed for these types of plans.

COBRA Administration Services

CAMADS can manage the complexities of COBRA Administration for a nominal fee. Services include initial notice of COBRA rights, continuation election details that include timelines, deadlines, plan options and cost. The service also directly invoices and collects premium from the participant.

Group Dental, Vision, and Life with AD&D

Group dental, vision and term life insurance are available under this program; please click on 'Dental, Vision, and Life' to the left for details.

AGENTS: For information regarding plan design options for any of our programs, please log into the Agent Access area.


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