About Us

CAM Administrative Services, Inc. provides plan management for both fully insured health products and our new self-funded medical program, Employers Advantage, which is designed to offer a choice to employers with as few as 5 enrolled employees.

There are several website sections that are tailored to provide you with the product and service offerings available through CAMADS.

  • Current CAMADS Employers/Participants:
    Useful information is available regarding fully insured and self-funded products, administrative services and PPO provider networks. Questions, comments or suggestions can be sent using the 'Contact form' link. We monitor this section daily and will respond to you quickly.
  • Prospective Employers/Participants:
    Please refer to the CAM Administrative Services, Inc. Corporate Profile and our self-funded and fully insured sections.
  • Agents:
    Registered agents can access the agent only area, and review or download information regarding plan options, administrative forms and marketing materials.

CAM Administrative Services, Inc. is aligned with industry leading partners who support our service to all employers and participants. These partners include highly rated carriers and major preferred provider networks for medical benefits, prescription drugs, dental and vision services. Please see the Program Partner link for information about each organization.

Three segments of our business:

  • CAM Benefit Program Transitioned Groups:
    Groups that transitioned from the coverage formerly provided through Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc. to coverage currently being provided through Priority Health.
  • Employers Advantage:
    Our new self-funded program for employers with 5 or more enrolled employees. This program features monthly level funding based on enrollment, not claim activity.
  • Value Added Service Program:
    This service provides quoting, enrollment and administrative support to agents writing group coverage through Priority Health.

AGENTS: For information regarding plan design options for any of our programs please log into the Agent Access area.

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